Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Case Studies

Case Study - Die Engineering 9822 Die Engineering Pty Ltd. (Die Engineering) has introduced sheet metal forming simulation on complex tooling projects in order to get ahead of the competition and avoid the slow death facing many local toolmakers in Australia. The most recent successful project for Die Engineering and was a deep-drawn front

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Forming Troubleshooting- Die Engineering

Case Study - Die Engineering 9520   Die Engineering Pty Ltd (Die Engineering), a regular customer, needed to be sure that a particular part could be formed successfully. Earlier prototype parts had been made with unacceptable wrinkles and it was the job of simulation to determine how to make this part without severe wrinkling

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Case Study – Corsair F4U 0805

Case Study - Corsair F4U 0805 Connecticut Corsair is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of education and local business in the state of Connecticut. We are also an aircraft restoration project aiming to restore the official State Aircraft of Connecticut, the Chance-Vought F4U Corsair, to flight. Through restorating one of the most advanced

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Case Study – Lodent Precision 10747

Case Study - Lodent Precision 10747 As years go by, StampingSimulation has found that many of our customers have begun to use our process engineering services to determine and verify that they have capable parts and processes in place before designing the tooling. The end customer is always more willing to do product changes if

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