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Among the services of this company regarding customs operations to dear exporters, the following can be mentioned:

1. Definitive exports: refers to a procedure in which goods are removed from customs territory and never returned.

  • Receive all export licenses
  • Loading goods from warehouse and factory
  • Seal the goods and receive the export license of the goods in all customs of the country
  • Evaluation of goods at customs and warehouse of the owner of the goods
  • Carry one
  • Unload at the border and reload
  • Passage of goods through all border customs
  • Obtaining a certificate of origin

2. Temporary exports (temporary departure): Temporary departure of goods for repair or any use and its return after the end of the time of temporary export refers.

  • Download
  • Sealing and obtaining export license from local customs and depositing goods (if required)
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Exit from border customs

3. Re-export (returned): refers to goods that have already entered the country (definitive or temporary import) and must be exported.

  • Loading and shipping
  • Declaration and sealing and return of deposit or salary and duties (according to the time of arrival)

Services of this collection in the import section

  • Market research and marketing
  • Sourcing
  • Negotiations and business correspondence to buy goods from abroad and import goods
  • Registration of import order in the trade order registration system and the comprehensive trade system of Iran
  • Obtaining other import licenses
  • Commodity insurance in the import of goods
  • Commodity inspection (COI) and mandatory standard

International freight forwarding

  • Customs affairs and customs clearance

Today, entering global markets and buying and selling abroad is one of the concerns of people at different levels. Most countries in the world have trade relations with each other due to the variety of products and the benefits of each other. Ease of establishing trade relations with the world requires familiarity with the steps of importing goods, sources of procurement, familiarity with payment terms, uniform rules of letter of credit, credit opening, types of transport insurance, inspection of goods, shipping documents, bill of lading, packing, inspection certificate and It has clearance steps.

In this regard, Jahesh Industrial Group, with its expert experts and experienced personnel and using the latest strategic information, provides the necessary assistance and services in all customs matters (tariffs, laws, regulations, directives, etc.). In addition, he is responsible for all follow-up steps in the country’s customs departments, as well as Iran’s customs and dispute resolution commissions until the end of the investigation process.

In general, the services provided in this field are of the following two types:

  •  Domestic trade includes market monitoring to provide profitable business proposals tailored to market needs
  •  Foreign trade includes exports and imports to European countries, East Asia, and neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf.

List of some services offered in the field of business consulting:

  1. Provide general market information (import, export and trade laws.etc)
  2. Consulting for domestic and foreign purchases (especially in the field of agricultural products)
  3. Advice for domestic and foreign investments
  4. Designing a long-term marketing strategy in Iran and target countries
  5. Provide proposals and solutions in relation to domestic and foreign partners and negotiate relevant contracts
  6. Providing consulting services for the use of valid payment methods and services for opening various types of documentary credit, as well as international standard formats for guarantees (in special cases)
  7. Business advice for purchasing goods as well as arranging commercial documents for goods
  8. Organizing specialized consultative meetings with manufacturers and exporters and obtaining information about problems in the field of customs and standard affairs and providing solutions to solve problems
  9. Providing expert opinions and necessary technical assistance in the field of export standards
  10. Assistance in creating a healthy competitive environment in a fair business and restricting competitive activities in accordance with relevant regulations
  11. Providing legal advice by international trade law experts in commercial litigation with a foreign party

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