Department Of Electrical and Electronics

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  • Procurement of equipment and spare parts for factories
  • MV / LV switches and their accessories
  • Provide suitable drives for permanent magnet motors
  • Types of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters
  • Power and measurement transformers and their accessories
  • Styrofoam coils and their power supplies in applications of electric arc pan furnaces
  • Styrofoam coils are their power supply in the applications of continuous steel casting lines
  • Conventional explosion-proof and spark-proof AC / DC electric motors
  • DC power supplies for applications in DC arc furnaces and metal melting furnaces such as aluminum.
  • Providing spare parts for all types of drives, conventioneers, drive control boards….
  • Protection relays and auxiliary relays for power substation control circuits
  • Control systems and their types of boards. Boards of SVC systems
  • High pressure capacitors in applications of power factor correction and SVC systems
  • Provide drive to control the speed of electric motors to reduce mechanical equipment (gearboxes, pulleys and belts .etc)

• Wireless and mobile communication systems
• Optical telecommunication networks and multi-way access systems
• Microwave circuits and systems and millimeter waves
• Digital signal processing (audio and video)
• Encryption and security of telecommunication networks
• Data telecommunication network and broadband telecommunications
• Radar and electronic surveillance systems
• Computational emission of radio waves and electromagnetism

  • Study, review and feasibility study of required hardware, network and software
  • Collect, organize, classify information
  • Creating and maintaining the required software such as Persian post and Persian information search tools
  • Design and implementation of local area networks
  • Study and review of appropriate telecommunication tools for information transmission
  • Study and review of appropriate software systems for organizing and using information such as operating systems and database systems
  • Study and identify new ways to communicate

Carrying out all matters related to project planning and scheduling, along with announcing cost forecasts and time to work with MSP software, along with receiving continuous reports to control ongoing projects.

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