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Laser skin:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Laser body

  • Bikini laser

  • Foot laser

  • Underarm laser

  • Facial laser

  • Men’s laser

  • Tattoo Removal

Skin rejuvenation:

  • bot ax injection
  • Injection of gel or filler
  • Microaggression
  • Micro needling
  • PRP or condensed plasma
  • Mesotherapy
  • Chemical peeling

Hair restoration and transplant services:

  • Hair transplantation by funicular unit transplantation (FUT) method
  • Hair transplantation by funicular unit extraction (FUE) method
  • Hair transplantation with safer method (SAFER)
  • Hair transplantation by stem cell method
  • Laser hair transplant

Beauty problems and treatments

Restoration section

Services provided to patients:

1.       Restoration of teeth with tooth-colored materials and amalgam in different widths and levels

2.       Restoration of severely damaged teeth, thus preserving the remaining and healthy tooth tissue as much as possible

3.       Maintenance of teeth that have been requested from other treatment departments of the clinic for any reason

4.      Perform specialized cosmetic treatments such as diastema closure, composite veneer

5.       Teeth whitening (bleaching):

  • Live teeth as home treatment or as a multi-session at the office
  • Non-living teeth

6.      Fixing teeth and.etc

Children’s section

Services provided to patients:

All specialized services in the field of pediatric dentistry in the pediatric ward can be provided to patients. Since 2010, it has been possible to establish dental treatments under anesthesia in Shahid Chamran Hospital.

These specialized services include restorative treatments – surgery – pulp (tooth nerve) treatment – preventive orthodontics – space retainers and fluoride therapy.

Surgery department :

Services provided to patients:

Implant surgery includes:

Fixation surgery – Bone graft and reconstruction (GBR) – Sinus lift – Tooth extraction

Gingival surgery includes: Coronary artery bypass graft surgery – Flap – Gingival transplant – Phrenctomy – Distal

Maxillofacial surgery includes: Extraction of impacted teeth in soft tissue – Extraction of impacted teeth in hard tissue – Removal of soft and hard tissue tumors – Alveoloplasty and preparation of ridge for prosthesis

Implant section

Patients with complete or partial tendentiousness are referred to the implant ward from different dental departments for a visit, and after completing the file and preparing the necessary radiography, they are treated in consultation with surgeons and prosthetics at the same time. In the early years, the number of patients was small and the implant systems used were limited. Today, using 6 to 7 implant systems, 1300-1200 patients are treated annually in the implant ward.

Services provided to patients:

Implantation of missing teeth with PARTIAL or FULL, treatment of bone defects with bone grafting methods, performing sinus surgeries to create a suitable bone substrate for implant placement, treatment of complete edentulousness based on implants

Prosthesis section

Services provided to patients:

The services provided in the prosthesis department are very diverse and include the services provided in the Armed Forces Medical Services Insurance and non-insurance services so that we can completely meet all the needs of patients.

1.       Replace missing teeth with a variety of fixed and removable dentures

2.       Improving jaw relationships

3.       Treatment of patients with dental wear

4.       Prepare Night Guard

5.       Inlay and inlay prostheses

6.       Bridges with all-ceramic methods

7.       Special services include implants with a wide range of relatively cheap but high quality implants and expensive and luxury implants.

8.       Various prostheses with completely up-to-date materials

9.       Preservation of severely damaged teeth with a variety of veneers

Department of Orthodontics

Services provided to patients:

Orthodontic services are provided completely academically in two mobile orthodontic wards for patients with dental-skeletal abnormalities and fixed orthodontics for patients with dental problems. Provide services to this group of patients from the beginning of their activities and these patients will be treated as team-work with specialists in the surgical department. The age group of mobile orthodontic treatments is from 9 to 12 years and for fixed treatments from 12 years onward.

At present, the orthodontic department of the center with 3 specialists (2 male specialists and 1 female specialist) and 3 assistants with 3 units and 11 active shifts is providing specialized services with the best quality to esteemed clients.

Emergency room

Services provided to patients:

Laparotomy – Pulling – Dressing – Scaling – Removing the sharpness of the tooth – Removing the height of the restoration – Removal of caries for specialized diagnosis – Silent dry treatment

Endow section

Services provided to patients:

All specialized endow services, including endodontic treatment, endodontic treatment, treatment of immature teeth (apexogenesis specifically Sion) are provided to patients. All services provided are monitored on a monthly basis in a ranking system that has a significant impact on maintaining and improving the quality of services provided.

Department of Radiology

Providing services all digitally with advanced maxillofacial radiology devices

–   Peri apical

–   Bite wing

–   Panoramic

–   Occlusal up and down

–   Lateral crystallography

–   Reverse Town

–   S.M.V

–    F.M

Jajesh Industrial Group

Objectives and introduction of Jahesh Industrial Group

Director of Health Services Department

Dr. Mojtaba Mohammadi

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