Department of Mechanics

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Services of this department

Services of this collection in the field of industrial design:

Product design: home appliances / office and home furniture / audio and video equipment / office machines / stationery / toys and so on.

Decoration design: includes home, office, commercial and so on.

Environmental design: space, furniture and urban layout and all its sub-spaces such as parks, exhibitions, shopping centers, bus and taxi stations and all public environments, traffic facilities and the like.

Car design: car body and interior design.

Packaging design: packaging of various goods and products.

Corrective design: Modifying the functional or formal characteristics of a product to improve its performance.

Identity design: Industrial designers and idea generation, in designing organizational identity (brand) for industrial complexes.

Design and consulting regarding the manufacture of sheet metal molds (deep drawing, forming, cutting, bending, etc.)

1- Design of plastic injection molds

2- Design and optimization of industrial parts

3- Project management in the field of design and manufacture of industrial molds

4- Carrying out industrial projects in software:

Catia – SolidWorks- Mechanical Desktop- Inventor

Services of this collection in the analysis and simulation section:

Static, quasi-static, linear dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, vibration, heat transfer, coupled and non-coupled fluids, single-phase and multi-phase fluids, combustion, failure mechanics, intelligent materials and fatigue analysis with FEM software:

Autoform – Ansys  Abaqus GAMBIT & FLUENT

Services of this complex in the field of manufacturing and production:

Consulting, research, development and manufacturing in the field of industrial molds, parts and industrial tools required for various industries using machines, advanced tools and devices, light and heavy, using specialized software to communicate with various machine tools:

  • MasterCAM
  • PowerMill
  • SurfCAM
  • EdgeCAM

Carrying out all matters related to project planning and scheduling, along with announcing cost forecasts and time to work with MSP software, along with receiving continuous reports to control ongoing projects.

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Gholamhasan Sajadian

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