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Media Center Services

  1. Strategic media planning
  2. News Engineering
  3. Holding training courses in the fields of media literacy, principles and techniques of negotiation, organizational communication, international communication, journalism, 2, 4, executive
  4. News coverage of the activities of organizations and individuals in the media (TV and radio networks, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, news sites, Internet)
  5. Advice on playing a role in media wars

Content production:

  1. Production of news content in various fields (political, cultural, social, etc.)
  2. Holding press conferences with the presence of educated executive and academic figures
  3. Holding media trips with journalists in the presence of news coverage of the actions of organizations and individuals
  4. Advising and supporting information on the role to play in bilateral or multilateral negotiations (by providing relevant information and reports, clarifying the other party’s position)

Technical construction of the program for broadcast:

  1. Consulting in making slogans, images and audio and video news clips based on new methods of persuading the audience
  2. Consulting and managing the production, printing and distribution process of various general and specialized magazines and presses

Broadcast and communicate with the audience:

  1. Investigating the efficiency of various media (publishing cost, penetration rate and effectiveness) for news coverage
  2. Creating media bases consisting of news agencies, newspapers, websites and social networks to reflect positions and actions

Communication process evaluation and improvement planning:

  1. Evaluate and promote the position of the name and logo of the organization, company and individuals in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc.)
  2. Specialized evaluation, analysis and interpretation of content and results in the field of news and media productions
  3. Evaluation and analysis of competitors’ communication messages and compilation and dissemination of reciprocal messages (playing a role in media guerrilla warfare)
  4. News monitoring and monitoring of ordered topics and reporting (cutting newspapers and magazines, TV and radio programs, conference pictures, etc.)
  5. Advice on media economic programs (ways to earn money through various media)
  • Making promotional teasers
  • Making advertising and industrial clips
  • Making a music video
  • Making motion graphics teaser
  • Making short films and documentaries
  • Editing videos and clips
  • Making industrial films
  • Making an organizational report film
  • Ideation, imaging and editing
  • After Effects and Cinema 4D Special Effects
  • Advertising and industrial photography
  • Photojournalism Sports photography
  • Portrait photography and modeling
  • Professional photography products
  • Filming of conferences, meetings and seminars
  • Aerial imaging with the best equipment
  • Making custom soundtrack
  • Equipped narration and sound recording in the recording studio
  • Logo and motion graphic design tailored to the identity of the organization, company or product
  • Professional typography
  • Compilation of archival videos with appropriate archival music
  • Create logo and text animations

Positive energy team branding experts and specialists will be by your side by providing the following solutions:

1- Logo design with the principles of branding: Logo design is not just a graphic work Logo design without branding knowledge is actually walking on the edge of the abyss that if the principles of brand management are not observed will cause an irreparable impact on your business.
2- Designing an office set by observing the principles of branding: Designing an office set should be in harmony with the brand management strategy and brand identity policy, and also by observing the principle of integration and coordination, both in terms of color and form of all set elements. Office should also represent elements of brand identity.
3- Website design with respect to branding principles: Professional site design with principles of psychology, brand identity, brand strategy and SEO principles is one of the main requirements of any business to achieve digital branding or digital branding, in fact the web The site is the main base of a brand strategy.
4- Application design with respect to branding principles: Today, mobile applications, especially applications compatible with the online website, are powerful and influential media without which it will not be possible to achieve branding goals by observing branding principles in the production of these applications. It is very necessary.
5 – Production of multimedia content in accordance with the principles of branding: In today’s digital world, multimedia content has a great impact on the introduction and transmission of brand message, the preparation and production of teasers, clips, motion graphics, animations and podcasts should be Form the basis of branding principles.
6. Digital marketing services with the principles of branding: In branding, using digital marketing services means using a super jet to reach the destination, if you want your brand faster and more imaginable than you think Let it grow and take place in the minds and hearts of your audience. There is no other way but to use digital marketing services in compliance with the principles of branding.


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