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The steps to set up production lines are as follows:

  • Provide feasibility studies and prepare an economic justification plan required for economic and initial estimates to set up a manufacturing company in the field of production of various products
  • Selection of production technology according to investment conditions, environmental needs assessment and feasibility
  • Layout design and layout of devices
  • Design of required space and buildings such as production hall, warehouse, office, welfare and grounds in accordance with GMP requirements and ISO standards
  • Offer machines and table of advantages, disadvantages and features, technical specifications and prices of machines for the project
  • Supervision of installation of machinery and equipment is based on location and layout design
  • Equipping and designing the laboratory related to presenting the method of equipping and designing the relevant laboratory and presenting the test methods
  • Review and offer different production lines based on different brands and different production capacities, different manufacturing countries with the highest degree of relevant standards
  • Supply of machinery and equipment or accompanying the applicant to select the best machinery and equipment from the sources provided and monitoring their supply
  • Providing all engineering services for equipment design and selection, purchasing engineering, supervision and inspection of equipment manufacturing process, installation and commissioning of production lines
  • Optimize production capacity to reach nominal capacity
  • Engineering consulting in the field of training and transfer of production technology, selection of materials and elimination of product defects and reduction of production waste

Doing all things related to project planning and scheduling, along with announcing cost forecasts and time to work with MSP software, along with receiving continuous reports to control ongoing projects

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